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Prevent Damages Associated with Pigeon Nesting

High-rise living is not immune to the nuisances that come with birds such as pigeons. From nesting to droppings, build-up associated to pigeons can lead to unforeseen costs due to damage. Fecal-matter and feather build-up can have devastating implications on the physical components of your investment. Pigeons are also known to harbour transmissible bird diseases in their fecal matter – putting residents, employees, and maintenance staff at risk.

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Balcony Nets

Humane and Quality Crafted Approach to Deterring Damage

Balcony Nets. Service You Can Trust.

Luckily InvisiNet™ is a completely humane and effective preventative measure to deterring damage caused by pigeons. Our strategic installation process coupled with our fortified and highly flexible InvisiNet™ guarantees a flawless and effective finish to all balconies while also protecting your investment.

InvisiNet™’s got you covered 100%. One of our experienced team members is assigned to your project from project procurement to installation. InvisiNet™ is fully insured for up to 6 years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing our netting in the event of damage.

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Balcony Nets

We Work with Industry Professionals to Ensure Product Durability

Balcony Nets offers over 20 years of experience specializing in providing deterrent solutions to damages attributed to pigeons. We work with engineering and architectural specialists to ensure our solutions are durable enough to withstand regular seasonal and environmental changes, without interfering with the structural integrity of the building during and after installation. InvisiNet™ is also capable of holding up to 60 pounds, acting as an effective safeguard for resident pets from the perils of vertical living.

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