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Each year millions of dollars are spent restoring or renovating balconies in hopes of increasing the longevity of its structure. In addition, billions are spent on new condo developments. Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in these developing properties instead or restoring and renovating existing investments? There’s no denying the amount of damage pigeons can cause to your balconies. Decades of experience in the business have only cemented that reality.

«This is why Balcony Nets is the only company exclusively providing balcony netting. We understand that this issue should be addressed by professionals instead of inexperienced installers. Too often have we seen unsuspecting property owners fall victim to the catastrophic damages these nesting rodents can cause»

Founder, David Taylor

We want to help our clients rest easy knowing that preventative measures are being made to protect them from unforeseen expenses. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice when making the important decision to protect your investments.

Balcony Nets

About Us

Balcony Nets is a family owned business with over 20 years of accumulated experience in exclusively providing netting solutions to deter damages due to pigeons. Over the years we have perfected our InvisiNet™ by consulting with reputable engineering and architectural specialists to ensure durability without interfering with the structural integrity of the building during or after the installation process. Our diverse portfolio of property management and restoration companies is a testament to our dedication in providing humane netting solutions across North America.


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