3 Common Bird Pests That a Pigeon Net Can Defend Against
March 19, 2020

Birds are not generally seen as pests by a good number of people. However, if you live in a flat, apartment, or condominium, chances are you’ve had some unsavory encounters with these animals. In fact, one of the more common bird species out there, pigeons, are recognized by the government of Canada as a pest that should be guarded against for health and safety reasons.


Indeed, buildings normally adopt bird-repelling measures such as installing pigeon nets around their balconies to prevent entry to such birds. It is a non-expensive and effective way of pest control, guaranteeing residents ease of mind and helping to preserve the aesthetic of the building.


Here are some examples of bird pests and the kind of havoc they can wreak if left unchecked:


House Sparrows

These are small birds that are known to be attracted to and even dependent on human food. This causes them to frequent areas where there is a high population density, such as multi-storied buildings, where they like to roost or set up nests. In addition, their high-pitched calls can cause a severe ruckus.



A good pigeon net can help you avoid this pest completely, and it is vital that you do so. Their droppings are known to carry histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, fungal diseases that can result in severe fevers. The immunocompromised are especially vulnerable to these diseases.



Like pigeons, starlings found in urban areas have developed a dependency for human food. This diet makes their droppings highly acidic, being capable of eroding metal and stonework, causing significant damage and racking up repair and maintenance costs.


Thankfully, there are easy solutions to these problems. There is practically no downside to having a pigeon net installed at your balcony. They are effective, cost-efficient, and non-disruptive to your building’s aesthetic and structure. If you have yet to find a reliable supplier, check out Balcony Nets' reliable anti-bird netting, the InvisiNet, and our wide range of installation options. Contact us today to learn more!

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