4 Crucial Traits of a Dependable Mesh for a Balcony
January 29, 2021

Mesh for a balcony is more than just protection against pests like pigeons. Pigeons can carry a vast number of diseases straight onto your property, and wear down the balcony’s structure over time from their droppings. Installing a mesh can be a significant investment for the buildings you manage, and make the property more appealing to potential tenants. When looking for the best mesh, here are four characteristics you should find.



A good mesh for balcony protection is a lightweight one. Hefty and cumbersome meshes are challenging to install. It might seem better to use dense materials, however besides the challenges in installation they also become a burden to the open aesthetic your tenants have become used to. 


Non-Rigid and Highly Flexible

Rigid and solid material, such as chicken wires, mosquito screens, and welded wire mesh, seem like the best mesh for balcony protection. Not only do they look terrible on your property, but they require drastic and invasive installation methods, such as solid wood or steel frames. A humane solution like Balcony Nets’ InvisiNet™ has holes that are 2”x2” making it impossible for pigeons to pass through.


Has a Very Low Profile

The lower a mesh's profile, the better it is. Balcony Nets' InvisiNet™ is the best when it comes to discreet netting. Its mesh is virtually invisible from the ground but remains exceptional in protecting against pest birds.


Can Provide Long Periods of Protection

High-quality balcony nets can provide ample amounts of protection for all property owners. InvisiNet™ material and installation is guaranteed for 6 years but can easily last up to 10 years or more with the right maintenance of your building.


You Won't Need to Look Far to Find a Dependable Balcony Mesh

Balcony Nets are a team of professional netting installers with a passion for protecting your property against invasive and disease-carrying pest birds. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your property.


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