3 Qualities To Look For In Your Balcony Netting
June 11, 2020

As property management, you want to ensure that your tenants get the best quality balcony netting for their outdoor-facing facilities. Netting increases the safety of balconies and protect against avian infestations common in North America. To ensure capability and style with your choice of nettings, here are three qualities you should always look for:




There are various materials that netting can be made from. steel balcony netting might make your property look a bit industrial. However, galvanized or zinc-plated steel meshes are a great option as they are affordable and flexible. They are strong enough so birds cannot easily take them apart and will also prevent them from getting trapped. Balcony netting made of high-quality and long-lasting PVC are more flexible than steel-made meshes. In addition, their feather-like weight makes it easier for installers to put them in place as quickly as possible to prevent avian infestations in your building. 


Here at Balcony Nets, we use an innovative technology called InvisiNet. It is made from high-density polyethylene and is one of the strongest and durable materials available on the market as it can hold up to an impressive 60 pounds. The high-quality material will easily last up to ten years or more.


Mesh Sizes According to Target Species


Manufacturers of quality netting such as us at Balcony Nets understand that different sizes of nets are required depending on the target avian species. For example, a 28-millimetre mesh is much more useful to prevent starlings from entering your property, while a bigger 40-millimetre mesh is much more useful if you're trying to prevent pheasants. At Balcony Nets we will carefully assess the situation and give you the best recommended net size. Our InvisNet mesh holes are 2"x2" making it impossible for pigeons to pass through. 


Complements Your Balcony Aesthetics


Lastly, we at Balcony Nets guarantee seamless aesthetic integration of our balcony nets. We will ensure that the netting is functional without obstructing the physical space. Our InvisiNet is virtually invisible from the ground.


Make Sure You're Working With The Best Netting Providers


With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, assembling, and installing the best-quality balcony nets to prevent bird infestations and pet protective nets, we at Balcony Nets can deliver the results you need for all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!


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