3 Undeniable Advantages of Using a Pigeon Net
January 22, 2021

Pigeons aren’t necessarily the most intelligent creatures, and as a result it’s made conditioning their behaviour virtually impossible to reverse. This fact is true among many pigeons across the country. Anywhere with vegetation and perching structures, such as balconies, pigeons will land and try to make their shelter. If you’re looking to avoid this pesky pests on your property’s buildings and structures, you can avoid this by using a humane and safe pigeon net, which gives you the following advantages.


Efficiency: Nets Vs. Other Materials

Companies like Balcony Nets that have been long-standing in the market, have been known to be more innovative when it comes to materials. Pigeons can peck holes through ropes. On the other hand, steel can trap birds due to their non-stretching nature. Balcony Nets has manufactured their own material: InvisiNet™, a humane, highly durable material that will make it impossible for pigeons to pass through.


Zero Visibility From Curb and Condominium

Well-made pigeon nets, such as Balcony Nets' InvisiNet™, achieve low visibility from the curb or anywhere inside the condominium. InvisiNet™ is an innovation allowing property owners and building managers to maintain the overall aesthetic of the building. This also allows tenants to have balcony setups that look tasteful without bulky netting ruining their decor.


Experienced Professionals Can Help You

You won't need to install pigeon nets on your own. Experienced professionals can do it for you. If you're a property manager, you can count on these teams for a full property service. Balcony Nets offers net installation nets for balconies usually from the inside.


Get the Best Bird Netting Services in Your Area

If you have yet to find the best bird netting installation teams near you, you can always count on us at Balcony Nets. Now able to serve major cities across Canada, our team can renovate and upgrade your low or high-rise building. Contact us today to learn more about our netting services!


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