Compelling Reasons to Install Pigeon Netting for Condos
December 02, 2020

Pigeon netting is crucial for any condominium. It is an incredibly worthwhile investment for any high-rise property due to its ability to keep out pigeons and other birds. This helps keep the balcony area clean and secure. Contractors like Balcony Nets can help you install pigeon netting for all your balconied units, thus ensuring each of your residents have protected balconies.


Here are the main reasons to consider pigeon netting for your property:


High-Quality Products

Balcony Nets’ InvisiNet product is a completely humane solution. It is professionally manufactured and is considered the most durable material on the market. It is not enough to install basic nets over your property’s balconies – InvisiNet is virtually invisible from the ground and has a breaking strength of over 60 lbs. Furthermore, the holes only measure 2” by 2”, making it impossible for pigeons to pass through.


Damage Prevention and Automated Supervision

With balcony nets, residents will not need to look after their balconies constantly. There is no need to implement other anti-bird measures. The net is sturdy, yet gentle enough to keep birds outside without hurting them. Residents can rest easy, continuing to enjoy the sunlight and breeze without having to worry about the nuisance that comes with birds.


It's Affordable

Balcony Nets offers the sturdiest netting solutions for condominiums and properties across the United States and Canada at reasonable rates. Our solutions are humane for anti-bird infestation nets. Furthermore, our material and installation are guaranteed for six years. You will not need to worry about incurred cleaning or repair costs due to bird infestation.


There are a few things to keep in mind regarding our balcony netting solutions. Balconies without ceilings cannot have netting installed. We have pioneered a technique that involves drilling into concrete or metal as our sole means of installation. This makes the netting incredibly durable, without any need to worry about weather elements causing the netting to come loose.


Contact Balcony Nets today to learn more about what we can do for you and your property!

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