The Importance of Condo Balcony Netting
September 18, 2020

Condo balcony netting is an effective method that prevents birds as well as protects buildings and provide safety to occupants. The most common bird netting is made from nylon or other quality materials that can offer durability and effectiveness.


Here at Balcony Net, our professionally manufactured InvisiNet is one of the strongest materials on the market. 


Netting is used most commonly where pigeons and other pests are causing big trouble to property owners and their occupants and can be seen in many places across the world. Condominiums have been known to be more prone to this kind of pest infestation as the balcony is a common nesting place for pigeons.


The major advantage of condo balcony netting in urban places, where the protection of the buildings is of primary concern, is the effectiveness of the method to exclude the pests while being able to blend or complement the architecture of the building. The installation of the InvisiNet, which is untraceable from the ground, can maintain the aesthetic appeal of the building.


It has been known that bird netting is also used by farmers to protect their valuable crops from getting attacked by birds and other pests in the countryside. Most of the time, it is the only option that offers the best physical exclusion method for farmers to use. 


In many cases, condo balcony netting is utilized to prevent a significant number of bird species as well as any other critters that might invite themselves onto your property. Depending on the specific pest infesting your condo or apartment, there is also a different gauge of netting that is applicable for every species. Balcony Nets has been working exclusively with property managers and restoration companies both in the U.S. and Canada to effectively protect their valuable investments. For more than two decades, our comprehensive InvisiNet™ solution has been thoroughly tested and approved by the right specialists to ensure product durability and your satisfaction every time.


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