Vertical Living and the Perils of Nesting Birds
May 04, 2020


Besides the prolific CN Tower, the Toronto skyline is defined by its multitude of high-rises. High-rise living is nothing out of the ordinary in a city like Toronto – with a steadily growing population, it almost feels as though new developments are popping up every day. 


Vertical living accommodates a growing population with their housing needs. From large-scale urban planning initiatives like reducing urban sprawl, to addressing global climate realities like minimizing greenhouse gas emissions – high-rise living offers a range of benefits all while enjoying the conveniences of living in the city. It’s no wonder why apartment buildings and condominiums only continue to attract a growing number of urbanites every year. 


For many city dwellers, high-rise living also involves a slice of the outdoors in the sky. Balconies are one of the many facets of outdoor living for urban centers. The ability to step out onto your balcony and take in the bustling city breeze is easily one of the best parts of summer city living.


While backyard maintenance can be a looming chore for freehold owners during the spring, the idea of maintaining your balcony might seem pointless for urban dwellers. After all, there’s not much to maintain. It’s not as though there’s grass that needs to be cut, soil that needs to be turned over, or flowers that need to be planted. 



The Perils of Pigeons and other Nesting Birds


What many property management companies end up battling when it comes to balcony maintenance is the damage attributed to nesting birds like pigeons. Uric acid found in pigeon feces is highly corrosive, and can lead to the wearing away and damage of metals and other surface substrates over time. The build-up of pigeon feces can back up gutters and pose a safety and health risk when exposed to humans. When not properly dealt with, the accumulation of pigeon droppings can stack up to thousands of dollars in remediation and clean-up costs.


Luckily, a humane and preventative solution exists to combatting the perils of pigeon poop. Balcony Nets designed InvisiNet, a state-of-the-art balcony netting solution capable of deterring pigeons and other nesting birds from ever making it onto your building’s balconies. 


Balcony Nets specializes in the installation of balcony netting for property management companies across North America. We’ve worked with a range of property management corporations to effectively deter the negative impact nesting birds can have on building infrastructure. To learn more about our InvisitNet balcony netting solution, call us today!


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