3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Quality Balcony Nets
October 16, 2020

Managing a high-rise building can be difficult with on-going maintenance issues. This is especially true for hard to maintain areas like balconies that experience constant wear and tear from pigeons and changing weather conditions.


To upkeep your building’s infrastructure and add value, it’s worth investing in balcony netting from a reputable provider like Balcony Nets.



Prevent Damage Caused by Pigeons

Pigeons can cause extensive damage to balconies. With time, buildup of droppings can create an additional cost in your budget to clean and restore. Adding balcony netting, like InvisiNet™, which is both highly effective in deterring entry of pigeons and is fully humane.


Balcony Nets’ experienced technicians will strategically install the netting for the entire building, and your InvisiNet™ is fully insured for up to 6 years. It’s cost effective to invest in this type of netting when for the most part, pigeons can be a problem all year round.


Reinforce Balconies from Environmental Elements

At Balcony Nets, we diligently work to ensure that our solutions are able to withstand most weather conditions. Made with the strongest and most durable material on the market, InvisiNet™ balcony netting is an excellent option for a variety of properties, which can include anything from high-rise buildings, to properties next to water, to buildings in either very cold or hot climates.


Customized Solutions Create a Unique Building

Whether it’s a high-rise condominium or water front property you’re looking to restore or upgrade, Balcony Nets can find a solution for you. Elevate your buildings’ value with a customized solution that will make your building stand apart from the rest. With over 20 years of accumulated experience, we can help resolve your building concerns. Call us at 1-866-987-2233 to learn more about how cater to your balcony needs.


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