4 Important Reasons To Use High-Quality Condo Balcony Netting For Seaside Properties
October 02, 2020

There are many versions of condo balcony netting suppliers can provide for different types of residences and high-rise condominiums. However, seaside condos have to deal with a unique set of issues that require non-metal and rust-able solutions. This is where plastic-based netting comes in. 


Here are four issues they're most likely to encounter :


The High Salt Air Environment

Seaside environments have a high salt air environment. Evaporated sea water travels along with salt in the air and rainfall brings with it a concentration of salt that can run through the metallic parts of your steel condo balcony netting. This can shorten its lifespan and become an aesthetic disappointment for your condominium's outdoor-facing side.


Species-Specific Balcony Netting Dimensions

Condominiums near the sea have to deal with a range of different species of birds. In addition to this, these avian wildlife have different temperance than that of urban birds. With plastic-based condo balcony netting, you have a humane solution against preventing bird infestations without worrying about possible bird droppings or other excretions possibly rusting or damaging your meshes.


Lasts Longer Than Steel-Based Meshes

PVC-based balcony netting can last for more than three decades with extensive use. In addition, high-quality PVC does not expand or contract under the heat of the sun or during colder seasons. Therefore, it's an all-around solution that is better than steel meshes.


Easier to Maintain and Clean

Lastly, plastic balcony nets for condominiums are easier to clean and maintain. Installers can service disjointed meshes quickly by using only a few tools and processes. In doing so, they lengthen the lifespan and durability of your condo mesh. 


Get The Best Condo Netting From Reliable Suppliers

If you have yet to find the best condo netting provider near you, you can always depend on us Balcony Nets to provide the best solutions for your bird infestation problems and reduce the danger of pets falling from heights. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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