4 Essential Qualities Balcony Bird Control Mesh Installer Should Always Have
January 15, 2021

Pigeons are harmless for the most part, however they can become a nuisance when left unchecked. Commonly known for scavenging leftover food, they frequently are seen on balconies and are likely to be spreading germs. Having effective balcony bird control is essential for any property.


If you're having problems finding exceptional installation teams, look for these following qualities.


Sturdy and High-Quality In-House Manufactured Nets

Most balcony bird control installers manufacture their nets. In doing so, they know their product's every feature, and the best way to install them. For example, Balcony Nets manufactures its proprietary InvisiNet™, which is lightweight, easy to install, and has long-term lifespan against pigeons perching on your balcony.

Decades-Spanning Experience

A new balcony bird control team is worth a try. However, if you need to have your looking to install balcony mesh for the building you manage immediately with the best process and post-installation checks, you'll want to work with companies that have more than a decade of experience in the industry. Balcony Nets has over 20 years of experience in providing top-quality bird control solutions for buildings across Canada.

Accomplished Number of Projects

Track records are everything. A company's experience qualifies if it has proof of concept and process. For example, Balcony Nets have installed many projects in the 20 years we've been providing installation services, which you can always view examples of on their website.

Guaranteed Quality and Dependability

Lastly, Balcony Nets provides a 6 year warranty for all its products and services. With our guarantee, you'll always find our nets and installation procedures granting excellent protection against pest birds for the long term results.

You Won't Need to Look Far to Find an Excellent Installation Team

If you have yet to find a balcony nets installer for the properties you manage, contact us today at Balcony Nets. With our decades of experience and proven track record, we can truly achieve your objectives. Call us today to learn about our full-service installations!


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