4 Crucial Elements of Pigeon Netting Installations
December 16, 2020

Today’s pigeon netting no longer runs the risk of making your apartment complex or condominium look drab with its crisscrossed lines visible from the curb. These days, the best netting products, such as InvisiNet used by Balcony Nets, are not visible from the ground. This makes pigeon netting an absolute must for both commercial and residential buildings, to prevent large swarms of pigeons and sparrows pestering the inhabitants of your buildings.


During pigeon net installations, there are four crucial elements:


Balconies Lay the Foundations

When architects designed and developers constructed your condominium from scratch, they only used the best materials to stand up and last for decades. The property's balcony itself is enough to anchor and create a sturdy foundation for pigeon netting. In doing so, installation teams can set them up and have them protecting your property in no time.


Top-Notch Installation Teams

Knowledge, experience, and talent are the ingredients for an exceptional installation team. When you work with reliable pigeon netting installers, such as Balcony Nets, you're always in good and swift hands. Having worked on hundreds of projects, our experience has given us the best knowledge of the difficulties and challenges of installing netting.


Sturdy Pigeon Nets That Are Friendly to Animals

Mesh nylon has enough firmness and durability that pigeons can't easily damage them with their beaks, while still remaining safe for animals. Regular netting can trap pigeons or hurt them. Sturdy yet bendable nylon will not harm the pigeons and make it impossible for them to pass through.


Exceptional Innovations in the Field

Balcony Nets has designed, manufactured, and installed a great number of its InvisiNet netting solutions guaranteed to discourage avian pests from entering your property. All dependable balcony net installation teams continue to pursue innovation to provide customers with exceptional project results.


If you have yet to find a dependable installation team to help with all your needs, you can count on us at Balcony Nets. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you!

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