Choosing the Right Balcony Mesh For Your Property
December 09, 2020

It's easy to find balcony mesh products from all kinds of suppliers. However, most of these are just basic netting products and do not cut it for proper implementation in residential or commercial properties. For these properties, professional installation services are required, such as those from Balcony Nets. Balcony Nets uses InvisiNet, a professionally manufactured balcony mesh known as the most durable material on the market for over 20 years.


Choosing the wrong mesh or non-professional installation technicians can lead to problematic mesh installation results. For example, birds may still be able to make their way through the flimsy netting, or cause damage to the material that you will have to repair. Instead of taking the risk, make sure you only work with good netting materials and proper technicians.


Here are the specifications for the best balcony mesh material:


Material and Design

The InvisiNet bird-preventative mesh uses high density polyethylene as a raw material to serve as a humane preventative solution. It has a breaking strength of over 60lbs and a melting point of 130-degrees Celsius, making it incredibly durable. Other types of balcony mesh are either known to be too weak and easily damaged, or too harsh that birds can become trapped in the holes of the mesh. This will not only injure the birds, but incur fees for cleanup and cause a mess. Furthermore, the durability of InvisiNet makes it cost-efficient in terms of maintenance and repair fees.



The InvisiNet balcony meshes are coloured black, with a mesh size of 50mm and twine diameter of 0.9mm. This means the nets are virtually invisible from the ground, and thus will not obscure the façade of your building. Your residents will also still be able to enjoy the views from the balcony without having to worry about being bothered by birds.


Find the Best Installation Teams


You won't need to look far to find an exceptional team of balcony net installers. We at Balcony Nets can help you with building-wide netting installations for your properties, whether low-rise or high-rise. Contact Balcony Nets today for fast, efficient, and long-lasting netting installations. We're confident in achieving your project objectives.

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