4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Tenants For Apartment Balcony Netting
January 08, 2021

Apartment balcony netting is the most humane way to prevent pest birds, such as pigeons, from perching on your property’s balconies. While they may seem harmless, pigeon dropping can cause serious deterioration to the building’s balcony structures and are an overall nuisance. Working with the team of experts at Balcony Nets ensures that you’ll be able to provide tenants a long-lasting solution against pigeons on their balcony.


Here are four ways to prepare your tenants for netting installations.


Have the Local Building Maintenance Department Informed

Before you contact your apartment balcony netting installation team, inform your local maintenance department. They can inform the installers of potential obstacles and can be the first line of communication with tenants before and during the installation. 


Have Your Tenants Clear Their Balcony Plants and Furniture 

Apartment balcony netting contractors might ask you to convey to tenants to have their balcony clear of all plants and furniture. In doing so, you ensure they have zero obstacles in clearing the passage to bring their installation equipment. While netting installations might sound simple, it requires specific equipment and tools for proper installations.


Remove Any Obstructions in The Fastening Areas

Additionally, as the property manager you can work with your maintenance department to remove any current netting in place, for example some buildings have garden netting installed.Your installation team can easily add the required fastening for the new installation and begin to install your new bird control nets.


Reschedule Rainy or Windy Day Installations

If the bird control netting installation day became rainy, windy, or stormy, it's best to reschedule your installation for another day. Poor weather conditions can lead to complications during the installation process. 


Only Trust Dependable Balcony Netting Installers

If you have yet to find dependable netting installation teams, you can always count on us at Balcony Nets. With the best and strongest materials on the market, our InvisiNet™ is highly durable, and nearly invisible to maintain your building’s aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more about our balcony netting services for property managers and restoration companies. 


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