Low-Rise and High-Rise Property Maintenance
December 23, 2020

The responsibilities of property managers are highly varied. From mediating between owners and tenants to being in charge of a large amount of maintenance and repairs, property managers need to ensure they have the best contractors and services at their disposal in order to make their jobs easier. One of the key factors of maintaining a low-rise or high-rise property is to ensure that unnecessary damage does not occur over time, as this could take up a lot of time and energy from the property manager. This is why many buildings, both commercial and residential, have balcony mesh installed.


The primary purpose of balcony mesh is to keep avian pests out.


Avian pests pose several problems for properties. First is the obvious problem of the filth and dirt that birds carry with them, most notably from their fecal matter. This dirties the balconies, walls, and windows of your building, thus disrupting the aesthetic and resulting in costly clean-up fees. Furthermore, swarms of birds nesting on your building also bring noise and general disturbance to your residents, and they can also carry certain diseases that can be spread through their excrement or carcasses. Bird nests also serve as a home to insects, which can cause a variety of problems for your tenants as well as damage your property.


This is why property managers set up partnerships with balcony mesh installation contractors, in order to ensure their properties are kept in good condition and that their residents are safe. While there are certain maintenance procedures that individual unit owners are responsible for, property managers should be taking charge of matters that concern the entire building. You do not want homeowners installing their own balcony mesh, as this could disrupt the façade of the building and cause damages.


Balcony Nets is a trusted installer of high-quality balcony mesh. We work with full buildings, promising to deliver uniform, aesthetically-pleasing, and humane netting solutions. Our InvisiNet product is the most effective on the market and is virtually invisible from the ground. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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