Three frequently asked questions about pigeon nets
September 29, 2020

High-rise buildings without pigeon nets can face a truly annoying but inevitable problem of becoming the resting place for birds, especially pigeons. Just as lawns and yards take up space horizontally on the ground, so do multi-storey buildings take up space in the air. In both cases, residents and building management come across the problem of stray animals and birds passing by or even residing on their property.


It is especially challenging for high-rise buildings to deal with birds that fly into balconies and terraces. When dealing with large flock of pigeons, things can get out of hand pretty easily.


Here are three frequently asked questions and answers about pigeon nets from Balcony Nets.


1. Are they safe and humane for pigeons?

A: This depends on how a bird net is installed. Poorly installed nets may get pigeons and other birds like sparrows entangled in the nets and this could injure or even kill them. However, Balcony Nets with their InvisiNet, make sure that your building and/or property is properly and securely fitted. This prevents birds from getting entangled in them.


2. Are there options other than nets to keep birds at bay?

A: Yes, there are options such as visual deterrents like scarecrows such as owl statues or window chimes and pigeon spikes. However, the efficacy of these are not as good as bird nets. The spikes mean you won’t be able to use those surfaces, chimes will need wind constantly to work and scarecrows are in no way guaranteed to work.


3. How long would a net last and when would it need to be replaced?

A Most nets have durable tensile strength and can last a good few years. With the InvisiNet offered by Balcony Nets, you are guaranteed for up to 6 years but if you were to take care of and service your nets, they can last you up to a decade.


Now that you’re informed on bird nets, you can make the decision to work with Balcony Nets to help keep your property free from pigeons, sparrows, and other birds. Give us a call or send us an email and one of our agents will be happy to help you out.  

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